Open Gaming

In addition to our Adult and Youth Leagues, we also offer open gaming at Uplink.  Due to Covid, our open gaming hours are limited to reservations only right now.  But, grab your friends and reserve your spot!



Hourly / Daily / Monthly Passes


In addition to youth and adult leagues, we also offer passes to come in and play.  Grab a PC and play online or bring some friends along and make it a night.  


Uplink Studios was created with the goal of making gaming social again.  The original arcades created a destination for the young and old to hang out and play together.  Today’s gamers play in their bedrooms and basements.  We aim to bring the gamers together, to teach them skills that not only make them better online players, but to make them better human beings.

Uplink Studios

We thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon.  Interested in building a studio in your town?  Reach out now to learn more.