The Ten Minute Compromise

One thing you can do right now as a parent to help minimize the post-gaming attitude is adjust how you end their gaming session.  You know how infuriating it can be to be in the middle of something and have your boss make you drop it immediately to do something else.  It’s the same for kids.  They may be in the middle of a game and playing really well.  And its important to them.  

Try giving them a 5- or 10-minute warning.  Let them know that they are free to finish that game, or get to a good save point, but that they need to stop as soon as its over and come for dinner.  You may have to work on this for a few days with them until they get it.  But, that 5-minute warning can make a big difference.  It shows them that you respect what they are doing, even if you don’t understand it, and lets them make a decision on when to stop, which makes them feel more empowered (like they feel inside the game). 

It won’t work every time, but we have seen a big difference in our own homes and we think you will too.

10 minute compromise
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