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We make better gamers and better human beings
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Our STEM-Accredited after school clubs are designed to use the concept of virtuous gaming to help children build self-esteem and confidence and learn teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and leadership.

In addition to gaming, each day we will do special exercises & stretching to get the blood flowing and keep them in shape.  We will also have weekly discussions about online safety, stress management and other topics that may be on their minds.  We want kids to learn to discuss their feelings and concerns.

We focus on Minecraft and Roblox (and we just added Fortnite too!) as we have special game modes and realms where we can ensure they are playing together and developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  As an example, in Roblox we will go on an underwater adventure to find and identify sea creatures.  In Minecraft we will work on building a theme park with rides in a special biome.  We will also explore other, age appropriate games to help children explore new ideas and concepts.

Daily Schedule
After School Clubs

Minecraft Mondays

Cooperation and teamwork building towards a common goal

Roblox Tuesdays

Handpicked games that focus on working together and learning

Fortnite Wednesdays

Special game modes and teamwork abound beyond just Battle Royale
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