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Our Black Friday sale is underway! Use Code: GameOn22 at Checkout for 15% off everything (excludes gift cards and hoodies). And check out our new offerings:

  • Halo League (All Ages)
  • Winter Youth Leagues (Rocket League & Overwatch)
  • New Gear (Warmup Pants & Socks)
  • Valorant Boot Camp
  • Adult Holiday Party
  • Winter iRacing League … and more!
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youth teams

Uplink Studios offers competitive esports training and league play for young gamers

Exercise and Warm-up

Just like traditional sports, physical exercise is a fundamental component of gaming.  Without the proper exercise and warm-ups, gamers risk injury.  

Skills Training

Our training programs are specially designed  for gamers to improve hand-eye coordination, reaction times, spatial visualization and multi-tasking.


When gaming at home, bad behaviors are often unseen.  We will focus our gamers to learn sportsmanship, respect, teamwork and more.


Core to any good gamer is the in-game strategy.  We focus on game theory, goal setting and decision making to help gamers anticipate and outwit their opponent. 


Gaming isn’t just for kids.  Join a league and play for the glory!

Pick Your Game

Multiple Adult Leagues available playing League of Legends, Overwatch, FIFA, Rocket League and more.

Choose Your Team

Grab coworkers, neighborhood friends or even family members and form a team.  Don’t forget a killer name!

Bring Home the Trophy

Weekly games in season lead up to the playoffs and a league champion with prizes and bragging rights.

Gaming PCs

Frames Win Games

Uplink Studios has state-of-the-art gaming PCs that offer unparalleled performance and the maximum frame rate to give players the competitive edge needed to win.  

alienware, red dragon, logitech, nighthawk PC gaming

Alienware 27″ IPS 240Hz 1ms monitor

250GB M.2 SSD PLUS 1TB SATA Drive 15,000RPM

NVIDIA RTX2070 Super 8GB Graphics

Intel i7-9700F Processor

16GB Dual Channel HyperX™ FURY DDR4 XMP at 2933MHz


Red Dragon K556 Mechanical keyboard and custom gaming mouse


Uplink Studios was created with the goal of making gaming social again.  The original arcades created a destination for the young and old to hang out and play together.  Today’s gamers play in their bedrooms and basements.  We aim to bring the gamers together, to teach them skills that not only make them better online players, but to make them better human beings.

Team building

Corporate Events

Looking for a place to host your next meeting?  Need to get out of the office and do some team building?  You can use our space for meetings or have us host your team for a little friendly competition and team building.

Get the team out of the office into a fresh space

There's no better competition than a video game

We'll break you into teams and get you on your way

We'll even get the whole thing catered

 Tournaments & Events

Local Tournaments

Check out the calendar to see what exciting tournaments are coming up.  

Special Events

We also sponsor special events that you don’t want to miss.  From clinics to meet and greets, we’ve got it all.

Uplink Studios

We thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon.  Interested in building a studio in your town?  Reach out now to learn more.