Player Code-of-Conduct

making better gamers and better humans
uploink makes better gamers and better humans

Our goal is not only to make better gamers, but to make better human beings.  We know how kids can create bad habits and exhibit unwanted behaviors and emotions.  Its all a part of growing up.  But, sometimes, video games contribute to that bad behavior, especially if they are playing alone.  The isolation allows them to drift from center and leads to aggressiveness, rage quitting, getting “tilted” and more.   Our goal is to teach our players how to adapt and recognize when they are getting tilted.  We teach them proper etiquette when gaming and we adhere to our Player Code-of-Conduct which you can see below.  We review the Code with every player and make them sign a document committing to abide by the code.

As a player...

I will train and compete to the best of my abilities

I will have a positive attitude and never quit

I will respect my teammates, opponents, parents, and coaches

I will give only positive encouragement to my fellow teammates

I will never use language, nicknames, or other expressions that insult another player

I will never threaten or act violently towards others

I will never cheat

I will never forget that I represent Uplink

Respect All Compete

Respect All Compete

In addition to our Player Code-of-Conduct, each family receives a supplemental document which is based on the rules and etiquette for Esports developed by the group, Respect All Compete.  

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