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Frequently Asked Questions

For iracing you need a subscription.  But its not that expensive and we can help you get sign up.  They often have sales and you can sign up for as little as $7.80/month or $66/year!  With your own account you can work to get your rated license and work up to the best tracks and cars and participate in real online races.  

Nope!  Most people like to race against the AI. That way you can restart races at your leisure and you won’t feel the wrath of a real driver if you wreck them on the track.

These are real racing simulators and we expect drivers to be mature enough to handle them.  We do offer special sessions and classes for younger drivers, but our standard age limit is 16yo.

Absolutely!.  We have four sims at each location so bring a group and we will set you upto race together against AI or without.

Assetto Corso is mainly GT cars and road courses.  

iRacing has everything from NASCAR and ovals to GT3 to Formula One.  There are over 100 cars and 100 tracks to race.  

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