Frequently Asked Questions

What are esports?

E-sports is the term we use to cover all forms of competitive gaming.

Games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, FIFA, and Fortnite are all examples of e-sports, and there are many more.

These games are competed between teams of gamers all around the world in tournaments that are watched by millions of spectators online.

Are esports really "sports"?

This is an often debated question and the answer is unclear.  If the definition of sport emphasizes physcial activity, then the extent to which an esports player is physically moving could be debated.  

However, gaming does meet all the other criteria of being considered a sport as it is competitive, requires, skill, and involves strategy.  In addition it is often played as team.  

The final answer may come from the  International Olympic Committee.  They are currently evaluating adding esports to the Olympic Games.

What is Uplink Studios?

Uplink Studios is a mini-arena modeled after the professional esports arenas found around the world.  However, our focus is on the local esports community. Our studios are small 3000-5000 sq ft locations that include custom training rooms, spectator areas, and an arena complete with production capabilities for worldwide streaming.

Isn't Uplink Studios just a LAN Center?

Not at all.  LAN Centers are places where individuals can come play video games by themselves and pay by the hour.

While we do offer that, our focus follows the traditional sports model where players join teams and have weekly practices and games suring a season, all leading up to an end of the season tournament.

What is an Uplink season?

Each season is 8-10 weeks long and features 2 practices a week and at least one game on the weekend for each team.   The last 2 weeks of the season are dedicated to playoffs and a championship match where the season winner is crowned.

How do the teams work?

For youth teams, Uplink will create the teams based on an even distribution of skills.  The number of teams will be based on the number of players for each season. 

Adult Leagues will allow players to create their own teams.

Players only play one game for an entire season.  There will be multiple games available each season depending on the number of players.

Why should my child play at Uplink Studios?

The problem with kids and video games today is that they are isolated, playing online, alone in their basement or bedroom.  They do not learn the key fundamentals of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, leadership and more.  But, when they play at Uplink, we teach your child to be a better teammate and better person, in addition to becoming a better gamer.

What kind of hardware are you running?

We are currently using the brand new Alienware Aurora R9 desktops with the following specs:

  • 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 9700K (8-Core, 12MB Cache, Overclocked up to 4.6GHz across all cores)
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER™ 8GB GDDR6
  • 16GB Dual Channel HyperX™ FURY DDR4 XMP at 2933MHz
  • 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Boot) + 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage)
  • Red Dragon K556 Mechanical Keyboards
  • Alienware 27″ IPS 240Ghz  1ms monitors
Aren't video games a waste of time?

Too much of anything is bad, we agree.  But, Uplink Studios lets you be more engaged with your child just as if they were on the soccer field.  Just as you go to cheer them on playing on the field, we encourage you to come and cheer them on here at Uplink Studios.  In fact, you might just learn a few things along the way, not only about video games, but about your child as well.

Is there a career in esports?

Let’s be honest, it’s unlikley your child will become a profressional esports gamer.  But, that’s not the point.  It’s just as unlikely that they will play professional soccer either.  

However, there is the potential that they will learn about all of the careers around esports and find one that they are passionate about.

Are there esports teams in college?

Absolutely!  Over 200 universities in the US alone now have an esports program and many others offer scholarships for esports players.

In additon, there are majors dedicated to esports management, game theory and design, production and broadcasting, coaching, physical therapy and more!

I am an adult. Can I play too?

Absolutely!  Did you know that the average age of a gamer today is 33?  In addition to the youth leagues, we are now starting adult leagues where you can join a team or make your own and play in a league as well.  If you’re good enough, you might just make it to the finals and take home the big prize!

Uplink Studios

Uplink Studios is building an esports arena designed for amateur gamers of all ages.  From custom training rooms to a state-of-the-art arena, Uplink wants to be your local hub for all things esports.