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youth rocket league at Uplink Studios

What is a Youth esports League?

A youth esports league is just like a physical sports league.  Each league season is focused on a specific game (think soccer or basketball) and the children are on a team that practices twice a week and has games on the weekend.

And game days are awesome!  We have a real esports arena and encourage parents to come watch the games in person!  We pull out all the stops to make the kids feel like they are just like the pros!  We announce teams and players, we do play-by-play commentary, and we also stream every game on Twitch!

Making better human beings

Not every child is an athlete or a musician, but every athlete and musician can be a gamer.  Uplink Studios aims to marry the benefits of traditional sports with thrill and excitement of professional video gaming.

Uplink is a safe community where kids can pursue their passion for video games with other kids who share the same passion.  We help children build self-esteem and confidence and teach them sportsmanship, leadership, respect, teamwork and more.

Our gamers follow a strict player code of conduct and we continually refer to it and its core tenets throughout our practices and games.

A pathway to college scholarships and STEM education

Did you know that over 200 colleges and universities in the US now have an esports program?  Schools from West Chester University and Immaculata all the way up to University of Kentucky, The Ohio State University and more have programs designed for esports and many are even building custom arenas!

In addition, over $50 million in scholarships are available for esports players.  And 52.6% of high school esports athletes pursue a degree in science when they reach college.

And once they graduate, there are thousands of careers in esports.  While most kids today won’t end up as professional esports players, there are so many other careers in esports including:  game design and theory, event management & production, streaming production, graphic design, management and so many more. 

Rocket League

Starts March 15!

Valorant League

First Valorant League starts in April

Overwatch League

Season 2 Underway!  Season 3 starts in the Spring!

The facility is great, sportsmanship and teamwork is heavily promoted.   They are extremely knowledgeable and its a great place for kids to learn esports.

Rita P

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Universities Embrace esports – $50M+ in scholarships available

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5 Key Benefits of Joining Uplink

Uplink is focused on making better gamers and better human beings… which just might translate into major scholarships for college! The benefits of Uplink’s esports leagues are many and here are a few

Top 5 Benefits of Playing Video Games for Kids

“I am concerned that my son/daughter is playing too many video games” is a common statement made by parents. 

The 5 Minute Compromise

The 5-minute compromise One thing you can do right now as a parent to help minimize the post-gaming attitude is adjust how you end their gaming session.  You know how infuriating it can be to be in the middle of something and have your boss make you drop it...

Highly recommend Uplink Studios! We love that it offers an opportunity for our children to socialize and have fun with their peers while gaming. The staff is fantastic and extremely knowledgeable about gaming and online safety which is very reassuring for us.

Karen P

Our Arena

In addition to having state-of-the-art gaming PCs,  we have created a mini arena that mirrors the big esports arenas that the pros play in.  This lets the players experience what its like to play in the “big leagues” AND offers an opportunity for parents to connect with their children.  We want parents to come watch their children on game day just like they would on the soccer field.  You’ll be amazed at how exciting it is!  

Our Vision

Playing video games in the bedroom can lead to unwanted behavior and it’s anti-social.  Kids often rage quit and slam equipment, they are disrespectful to their friends online and this bad behavior leads to aggression and negative behavior traits.  Our goal is to teach kids to be better teammates, to respect each other and to help each other get better.  We want to make better human beings, not just better gamers.

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