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‘Fall 2020

Announcing Fall Seasons

It’s almost time to go “Back to School”, however that may end up looking.  And with our inaugural Rocket League season a smashing success, we are moving into our Fall seasons!

We are launching 2 leagues for youth that will run from mid-September through the middle of November.


Our Fall Overwatch Season is SOLD OUT!  Check out our other options below!
Overwatch is a whole different experience.  Overwatch is all about the TEAM.  Each team consists of 6 players broken into 3 types of characters.  Each team must have 2 Tank characters, 2 Damage characters and 2 Support characters.  While there are some exceptions, the Tanks are those that have great shields, the Damage characters are more vulnerable, but great at attacking the enemy and the Support characters are most vulnerable but they heal their teammates.

The game types include: Capture the Flag and Escort a package.  There is so much strategy involved in this game, along with constant action.  It’s a great game to watch, to play and to learn.

And, the professional Overwatch League is built similar to the NFL model where teams are associated with cities and Philadelphia has an Overwatch Team, the Philly Fusion!  In fact, they are building a $50m Overwatch arena in Philly near the other stadiums!

Rocket League
Rocket League is a great way to get started with esports.  Rocket League is essentially soccer with RC-cars.  There’s no violence and no guns.  It’s a fast-paced game and lots of fun for the kids and for the parents to watch.  And, its a great way for the kids to learn how to play with a keyboard and mouse, just like the pros!

Join a Youth League

Gather your friends and choose between Rocket League or Overwatch or Join BOTH!.

What is a Youth League?

Youth Leagues are similar to any other physical sport.  Players are assgined a team and they practice twice a week in the evenings and games on the weekend.  We collect stats and standings and end the season with a tournament to crown a champion!

How long is a season?

Seasons typically run 8-10 weeks depending on the game and the number of teams.

What are the benefits?

In addition to learning the game and strategy, we focus on a Player Code of Conduct and try to educate them on the proper gaming behavior.  After all, our goal is not only to make better gamers, but to make better human beings.  We teach them respect, teamwork, leadership and grace in winning and losing.

What does it cost?

The price for a season is $250.  That includes all practices (2x/week) and weekend games, along with the season ending tournament

Our goals

esports is more than just a game  

Uplink Studios aims to marry the benefits of traditional sports with thrill and excitement of professional video gaming.

We have designed a custom program that will not only teach your children to be better players, but also how to be better human beings.  

We will help them learn sportsmanship, leadership, respect, and teamwork while at the same time teaching them about all of the exciting careers available in the world of esports.

And we won’t just be staring at computers.  We will be taking breaks and stretching and exercising as well.  Because video gaming has to be healthy too.


Did you know that over 200 colleges and universities in the US now have an esports program?  Schools from West Chester University and Immaculata all the way up to University of Kentucky, The Ohio State University and more have programs designed for esports and many are even building custom arenas!  

In addition, over $50 million in scholarships are available for esports players.  And 52.6% of high school esports athletes pursue a degree in science when they reach college.

And once they graduate, there are thousands of careers in esports.  While most kids today won’t end up as professional esports players, there are so many other careers in esports including:  game design and theory, event management & production, streaming production, graphic design, management and so many more.

Contact us to learn more about the program or sign up now!  

Our Arena

In addition to having state-of-the-art gaming PCs,  we have created a mini arena that mirrors the big esports arenas that the pros play in.  This lets the players experience what its like to play in the “big leagues” AND offers an opportunity for parents to connect with their children.  We want parents to come watch their children on game day just like they would on the soccer field.  You’ll be amazed at how exciting it is!  

Our Vision

Playing video games in the bedroom can lead to unwanted behavior and it’s anti-social.  Kids often rage quit and slam equipment, they are disrespectful to their friends online and this bad behavior leads to aggression and negative behavior traits.  Our goal is to teach kids to be better teammates, to respect each other and to help each other get better.  We want to make better human beings, not just better gamers.

Sign your child up today!

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