Why Overwatch?

With the addition of our second season of youth play, we have added Overwatch to the options.  Many parents are wonderign why we’ve added Overwatch versus Fortnite.

And there are so many reasons.  Below see just a few of the reasons why Overwatch is the perfect game for your child to play competitively.

youth overwatch league at Uplink
What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a colorful team-based shooter game starring a diverse cast of powerful heroes. Travel the world, build a team, and contest objectives in exhilarating 6v6 combat.

When you enter a game of Overwatch, you’ll need to choose a hero to play.

Maybe a cannon-toting ape from the moon appeals to you. Perhaps you prefer a time-traveling freedom fighter. Or is a beat-dropping battlefield DJ more your style? Whoever you want to be, there’s an Overwatch hero for you.

View All Heros (Opens Overwatch website)

How many players on a team?

Overwatch is a team-based game with multiple different games.  Each team requires 6 players.  Even more interesting is that each team must have exactly 2 players of each type.  There are three types of heros in the game:

  • Tanks – These Heros are like shields.  Their speciality is creating shields and blocks for their teammates.
  • Damage – These heros are most responsible for dealing damage to the other team.
  • Support – These Heros are support for their team.  While they can damage the opponents they have capabilities that heal their teammates or boost their teammates capabilities.
What makes it a better game for the Youth League?

Besides the many subjective perspectives that folks have regarding Overwatch versus other games, there are some objective reasons why we selected the game for our youth season.

  • Weapons: Unlike some other games, Overwatch does not use real-world weapons and there is no blood in the game.  The weapons are very fanciful and do not translate to real-world weapons.
  • Characters:  In Overwatch each character is called a Hero and they all have different capabilities.  Finding your favorite character and mastering them can take time, mastering them all is almost impossible.
  • Teamwork:  As mentioned above Overwatch is a team game.  But, its not a free-for-all team.  There are 3 types of Heros and each team must have 2 of each type.
  • Short Games:  There are multiple types of games within Overwatch, but each game is fairly short.  It allows our youth league to play multiple games in a match and gives them a chance to come back if they lose early.
  • Strategy:  In addition to multiple game modes, there are multiple maps.  Each map has different areas of focus so if you are trying to stop a payload the players learn about choke points and where to let the vehicle move and when to attack it.
College Scholarship Opportunities

OK, not a question, but did you know that over 200 colleges & universities in the US offer scholarships for esports?  Last year, these school offered over $50million in scholarshipsAnd Overwatch is the most popular esport at that level!  So, while your child may never be a pro gamer, they might be able to use their skills to get a college scholarship!

What is the OWL?

The OWL is the Overwatch League.  It is the professional league for Overwatch.  And, unlike other esports, OWL is built to look like the other professional sports.  OWL teams are based in cities and Philadelphia has an official Overwatch Team, the Philly Fusion!  

The Philly Fusion is a really good team too!  They won the league last year and they may win it again this year!   

And Philly is building a $50million arena down by Citizens Bank Park, the Linc, etc. for the Fusion.  The arena will be ready for the 2021 season!

What makes Uplink a good place to play?

In addition to having the best gaming PCs available, we require the kids to use the keyboard and mouse.  All professional esports players use the keyboard and mouse and getting them used ot that now will benefit them in the future.

In addition our coach is a ranked Overwatch player and very good at teaching others how to play!

And our arena has been upgraded to accomodate the 6v6 team model.  Our arena has 12 TVs so you won’t miss a second of your son or daughter’s play and you’ll be able to see what they see along with their face and all the facial reactions during the game!