Uplink Enters NA esports Scene with Uplink R6

Uplink is excited to announce that we have sponsored our first competitive esports team! Rainbow Six Siege is a hugely popular FPS and the competitive esports scene is robust. Element 3 is a Pro-Am tournament that pits up and coming teams against the professionals for a chance to make Tier 1 and to share a part of the $30,000 prize pool!

Uplink R6 marks our entry into the competitive esports space as we gear up for adult leagues at Uplink. 

Uplink R6 has made it through 2 rounds of qualifying in Ubisoft’s Element 3 Pro Am Tournament and enters play tonight in the main event against the Wildcards, a professional team with over $250,000 in lifetime winnings.

Uplink’s R6 is a multi-national team with players hailing from the US, Mexico and Canada.  

The roster includes:

  • Yuv (Canada)
  • yAmz (USA)
  • Lunar (USA)
  • Austin (USA)
  • Vipoa (Mexico)
  • Coach RyRy (USA)

Learn more about Element 3 here.  Welcome to Uplink gentlemen!

First Match:  July 1 9:00pm ET (twitch.tv/R6EsportsNA)

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