First of its kind anywhere!!!

Halo is back with an all new game, Halo Infinite!  Join our league to play competitively! Open to Ages 13-99!

Competitive Halo League at Uplink


Gaming isn’t just for kids.  Join our Halo Infinite League and play for the glory!

League Starts January 3, 2022

Join our league now!  We will practice 1x a week with a games 1x a week for 8-10 weeks!

Open to All Ages from Teen through Adult! (13+)


Halo Infinite Multiplayer was released in November, 2021 and has become one of the fastest gorwing competitive games with teams like Cloud 9, FaZe Clan, FNATIC and Envy already fielding professional esports teams.

Drawing on 2 decades. of success, the new Halo offers multiple game modes including:

  • Slayer
  • OddBall
  • Capture the Flag

and more!   But, with the advances in gaming, this new version has some of the best graphics and gameplay available!

Our 4 person teams will compete against each other in custom games with one goal:  Total Domination!

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