Ready Player One

Gaming at Uplink is all about teamwork.  While our leagues focus on team-based games, sometimes you want to just play, so we’ve got a bunch of other fun games that you can play one your own, or with your friends.

And don’t forget we’ve got iRacing & VR gaming as well!

esports at Uplink Studios

Team Games

Shoulder-to-shoulder, we game as one… a team, living and dying by our ability to work together.

playh fortnite at Uplink studios


Jump on the Battle Bus for a Battle Royale or hit the custom games for Zone Wars and Build Battles!

Overwatch youth esports


Fast-paced action combine with strategy and the ultimate need for team work as a 6-man squad suits up as DPS, Tank and Support for the dub!

Rocket League Youth esports at Uplink

Rocket League

Fast-paced action with RC cars playing one of the craziest soccer-like games out there.  Work as a team to become Grand Champions

play valorant at uplink studios


Think Fortnite’s Battle Royale, Overwatch’s team focus and COD’s real-world encounters and you’ve got Riot’s Valorant sweeping the globe!

Solo or teams

Some games are just as good on your own as they are with others.

Play Fall Guys at Uplink Studios

Fall Guys

Fall Guys took the world by storm when it launched in August.  With such a simple obstacle course premise and cute jelly bean characters, the game is great for boys and girls from 6-99!

Play Minecraft at Uplink Studios


Minecraft is a world-wide sensation!  Jump in creative and build your own imaginary world or play for keeps in Survival!  Alone or with friends, there is a reason why Minecraft is one of the world’s top games.

Among US at Uplink Studios

Among Us

Harkening back to the days of 8-bit characters, Among Us puts you in a small group on a spaceship where one of you is an imposter, bent on killing you all.  Can you find them before they get you?  

PC gaming at Uplink

So many more...

There are so many PC games available to play.  What are your favorites?


Sit in a real racing simulator and test your meddle!

iracing sim at Uplink


iRacing is nto for the faint of heart, but it is a rewarding experience for those that master it.  And its home to hundreds of cars and tracks across F1, GT, Nascar and Rally.

Nascar iracing at Uplink

Official Nascar iRacing Series

iRacing is the home of Nascar’s official racing series.  Strap in and get on the oval.

assetto corsa racing simulation at Uplink

Assetto Corsa Competizone

One of the best racing simulators designed especially for GT Competition

Virtual Reality

Jump into a whole new world with our VR Gaming!  Here are some sample games.

beat-saber at Uplink Studios

Beat Saber

Probably the most well known and popular game in Virtual Reality, Beat Saber combines light sabers and music in a Guitar Hero like game.

Super Hot VR - At UplinkS


SuperHOT VR is an immersive FPS where time stands still… unless you move…at all.

Echo Vr at Uplink

Echo VR - Beta

Echo VR will find you floating in an arena trying to play a gravity-free game of soccer meets frisbee.

TopGolf VR at Uplink Studios

TopGolf VR

Get your golf game on with Pro Putt by Top Golf.  Play alone or with a friend in our Dual VR setup!

 Tournaments & Events

Local Tournaments

Check out the calendar to see what exciting tournaments are coming up.  

Special Events

We also sponsor special events that you don’t want to miss.  From clinics to meet and greets, we’ve got it all.

Uplink Studios

We thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon.  Interested in building a studio in your town?  Reach out now to learn more.