Friends of Uplink

Whether you are just starting out or have been traveling down the path for a while, its always good to have friends and partners to help you reach your destination.  The following organizations have been friends and partners of Uplink.  And we thank them greatly!

But, it would help them even more if you would check them out and don’t forget to say hello when you do!

friends of Uplink
  • Monkey Fish Toys – KC has been a big supporter of Uplink and even handed out flyers in her bags!  Monkey Fish Toys has 2 great locations jam packed with the coolest toys
  • Ludwigs Corner Supply – John and Michelle are awesome!  I am always amazed that they have what I need no matter what it is!
  • Friends & Family – Really, at the end of the day, all you really have is the relationships you’ve built and the family that you’ve created.  We have been very lucky on both accounts.  Our friends have been counsel and sounding boards.  They’ve literally listened for hours and given advice and pep talks.  And they’ve helped us build the company.  Literally. Laying floors, painting, electrical, etc. And our family has been right behind us, propping us up, cheering us on, and doing anything we ask.  In addition, they’ve been holding down the fort at home while we toil away both night and day to make this a success.  Our thanks and love to all of them.


Uplink Studios is proud to sponsor the following organizations:

  • GEYA – Glenmoore Eagle Youth Association
  • LYA – Lionville Youth Association