4th of July Fortnite Tournament

Join us for our first-ever Fortnite Holiday Tournament, Sunday July 4 starting at 9:00AM! The tournament will be held in person at Uplink Studios!!!

Fortnite Tournament at Uplink Studios

Win Big Prizes!

First Place

16,300 VBucks


$100 Uplink Gift Card

Second Place

5,000 VBucks


$50 Uplink Gift Card

The Rules

Where we droppin?

fortnite at Uplink

Tournament Format

Tournament is single elimination Battle Royale. Minimum of 8 players required.

fortnite at Uplink

Match Format

Players will join matches as duo partners and play 2 rounds.

fortnite at Uplink


The player with the most kills at the end of 2 rounds wins.  Both players must take screenshots of final score.

fortnite at Uplink

Tie Breakers

Tied atches will play a third round.  If still tied, the player who lasted the longest in the last match wins.

fortnite at Uplink

Teaming Up

Players may choose to play together and fight together, shoot at the same enemies and pick up loot.

fortnite at Uplink


Disconnects prior to landing will result in a restart.  Once players land the match counts.

fortnite at Uplink


Players will play on Uplink PCs.  Players may bring their own keyboard, mouse, and/or controller or use ours.

fortnite at Uplink

Cost to Enter

Entry Fee is $20/person

fortnite at Uplink

Open to All Ages

Open to anyone aged 8-88!  Children under 13 require parent’s consent.

fortnite at Uplink

Tournament Timeline

Doors open at 8:30am July 4, 2021, first match at 9:00am.  Matches will continue until a champion is crowned.

fortnite at Uplink

Maximum Players

Tournament is limited to 64 players.  

Disputes & Issues

Any issues or disputes will be reported to the admins who will have final judgement.

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