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Let Uplink help you build your LAN Center or community esports program.  We offer personalized service to get your program off the ground and successful.

esports and LAN Center Consulting at Uplink


Everything You’ll Need

Pre-StartUp Planning

From initial ideas through setting up your corporate structure, we have over 20 years of startup experience from bootstrapping to venture funding. 

Technology Planning

There is way more required than just a bunch of PCs.  Networking, software management, replacements, there is a lot to consider.

Location & Design

We help you pick the best location and offer design services to ensure that you are well positioned for the future.

Forecasting & Budgeting

Knowing what your real costs are before you start is imperative.  It always takes longer and costs more than you expect.

Sales & Marketing

Where is your audience?  How will you get to them and get them in the door?  We can help you build a plan to hit the ground running.

Project Management

Timing is everything.  We help you understand the process and help you manage the project from start to finish.

High School Programs

From technology planning to coaching, high school esports are here and require significant planning to get it right.


Most programs will benefit from partnerships and additional revenue streams, from local and national organizations. 

Everything Else

Have you considered how systems will be secured and updated? What about people flow? How will you run tournaments? We can help you!

esports consulting for high schools

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