I am concerned that my child is playing too many video games.

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Is my child playing too many video games during Covid?

“I am concerned that my son/daughter is playing too many video games” is a common statement made by parents.  It was common before the coronavirus pandemic, but has been amplified because of it.  And, with Winter fast approaching, the colder weather is driving the kids back inside.  Doctors are warning that the start of the flu season will create a “perfect storm” and likely send schools back to all virtual.  In fact, this is already being seen in New York City where schools are reversing course and heading back to all virtual learning.

Parents are feeling immense pressure during this unprecedented time and trying to balance their own jobs and careers while also trying to ensure that they are “doing the right thing” when it comes to parenting.  There is a tremendous amount of hidden guilt in parents today as they have broken their own household rules and let the kids play video games, watch TikTok and surf the net all day long.

But, these are indeed unprecedented times and the rules no longer apply.  Are we seeing a fundamental shift in education that will see all learning become cyber?  Are companies going to move to an all virtual workforce, and abandon the corporate office?  The answer is probably no, but, for now, this is what we are stuck with.

Do you remember when your parents told you not to sit too close to the TV and tried, mostly without success, to stop you from watching too much TV?  Every generation has their own version of the battle and the scars to show it.  But, its an undeniable fact that the screen is here to stay.  Whether its binge-watching Netflix or plugging into an Xbox, or scrolling Facebook for hours, we are a product of technology… and its not all bad.

Parents, its time to rethink the video game and look at the positive impacts it can have on your child.  And, maybe, just maybe, these facts will lighten your load a bit, and remove some of the guilt you are feeling.