Extra Life Charity Event at Uplink

24 Hours of Gaming Charity Event January 22/23

We are proud to announce that we are going to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with our 24 hours of gaming event on January 22-23, 2022!

Our 24 event will start at 1:00pm and run for 24 hours straight!!!!

Our goal is to raise over $2000 for CHOP!  If we can fill every PC for 24 hours, that will raise $2880 alone!  And every dollar you raise just adds to the total.



    Easy Life Fundraiser for CHOP at Uplink

    BOOK YOUR TIME:  Use this link to reserve the hours you are pledging to game at Uplink for charity.  Every dollar booked through this link goes directly to the charity.

    JOIN OUR TEAM:   Go to Extra-Life and Sign Up to join our team!!!  Click SIGN-UP in the Top Right to Join the Uplink Team and help raise additional funds!  (You don’t have to raise money on your own if you don’t want to.  But, remember, every dollar goes to CHOP!)

    SHARE OUR FACEBOOK CHARITY PAGE:  You can also donate directly or share our fundraser through Facebook using this link:

    From Extra-Life.org

    • Now, more than ever, local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals need our help.

    • We’re uniting with thousands of gamers to play games and change kids’ health to change the future.

    • Learn how local children’s hospitals are being impacted by COVID-19 at kidscantwait.org.

    • Donations through this page stay at CHOP.

    Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them.