During Summer Camp we spent time talking about Online Safety.  Without exception, every child in our camp was spending some time online whether in a game such as Roblox or watching videos on YouTube.

We learned about the 4P’s of Online Safety:

  • Passwords – Never share passwords with anyone except your parents.
  • Personal Information – Including your name, address, phone number or school.
  • Pictures – So many things can be learned from a picture, especiallyfrom what might be in the background.
  • Parents – If anyone or anything makes you uncomfortable, TELL YOUR PARENTS!

Our goal was to let kids know that some people are nto always who they say they are and that they may accidentally see something online that they shouldn’t.  But, that’s not their fault and they should tell their parents so they can talk about it.

We also covered several different scenarios where the children talked about what they should do and what was dangerous about the situation.  We even covered common sense things like Pop-ups promising free gifts like Robucks, or cheats, etc.

But, we only just scratched the surface in online safety and we wanted to provide you with some links to other resources that can help you, as parents and guardians, navigate through these murky waters.  Have other resources you want to share?  Let us know and we will share them with the community!

There are a ton of resources for parents out there.  Hopefully some of these can helop you!