US Colleges & Universities Embrace esports

Over $50 million in scholarships available

As parents, the prospect of paying for your child’s college education is a daunting task and weighs on your shoulders.  While many of us have savings plans and dreams of academic or athletic scholarships, we all know that, for most of us, we will be footing the bill ourselves or worse, saddling our children with years of loan payments.

There may be another way.  

Over the last several years, esports has gained a foothold in colleges and universities across the US and around the world. Over 300 schools in the US have an official esports program today.  Schools such as Immaculata and Saint Joseph’s University have joined the ranks of Ohio State, University of Kentucky and even University of California – Berkeley.  Kentucky and Ohio State have even built their own facilities dedicated to esports with training centers, arenas, and player lounges.  

With the additiuon of those programs comes the addition of scholarships as well.  While some scholarships are small, some universities offer full tuition scholarships for esports.  

But, the competition is fierce.  Uplink can help your child grow their skills in the video games played at the collegiate level and we continue expand our offerings to prepare high school students to compete for those schoalrships.

In 2021, we will be expanding our programs to partner with some of these prestigious schools and build dedicated programs for the sole purpose of gaining access to the over $50 million available.

Stay tuned for more information.